About La Pasion

Having provided quality service since 2008,
La Pasion is one of the restaurants that introduce us to the tapas culture and if you visit them you should definitely try their sangrias and various kinds of tapas.

Chef By Neco exhibits both traditional and modern flavors of Spain.

In this restaurant, you can taste delicious Spanish foods. La Pasion is a place where you can enjoy Spanish foods with the accompany of pleasant conversations.

While combining an elegant atmosphere with great food presentations, the restaurant makes the best Spanish foods.

La Pasion reflects the unexplored authentic spirit.

La Pasion serves Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine with various rooms such as a room with a red brick fireplace, white sunroom and colorful courtyard.

Having gained experience in San Sebastian and various European countries, Chef Neco's restaurant proves its uniqueness by adding flavor to its quality tastes everyday.

La Pasion serving feast of taste in Bodrum gives us the unexplored authentic spirit of the place.

Nejmettin Kılıç

Executive Chef

Nejmettin Kılıç, known as Chef Neco, came to Bodrum from Kars in 1996. Having worked as a 'chef' at the best restaurants in Bodrum for 20 years, Neco is the manager of the most popular restaurant in Bodrum, La Pasion.

Having been devoloping and improving himself while he was working at the most famous restaurant of Bodrum "Maça Kızı", Neco proves his talents especially in world cuisines. “I wanted to learn everything. People especially loved the starters I made. But it wasn't enough for me. I've been trying to be "the best".", he told. Especially while working at "Maça Kızı", he became the frequent visitor of London during winters. At the tapas bars in London, he enriched the flavors of the foods he cooked, then he flew to Latin America. It became a habit for him to spend his winter vacations in Panama, Peru and Colombia. And of course in San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona. The cradle of Spanish flavors... The land of flamenco... The heaven that inspired La Pasion... "Latin cuisine has many original flavors and methods. I aimed to learn and observe them all on site. I've worked non-stop for this, Chef Neco said.

Neco told that after starting to work as a chef at La Pasion in 2009, he began to renovate the entire menu since the second year. When the place, in which Neco personally renovated all parts from the decoration to the concept, started to gain reputation across the country, he wanted to take on a greater responsibility. After enchancing the brand value of La Pasion Restaurant, he became global with the National Team of the Chefs.

La Pasión Restaurante Team

  • Executive Chef – Neco
  • Director of Operations – Dilara Şafak
La Pasión Restaurante Español Team

"La pasion guests be attached to with the space and then be surprises by the taste of our espanol menu"

Chef Neco